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Observe van

This reliable and economical winter van tire is designed to keep business moving, whatever the conditions. In cold, wet wintry conditions or even in snow, Observe Van tires offer unrivalled mobility.

Observe van tires are hard wearing. Nano Balance Technology has been employed to develop enhanced compounds. These, combined with a strengthened casing and innovative tread block design, result in a longer lasting tire.

Available with speed indices R, S, T and H and in 14-17 inch.





Wet performance

  • Shorter braking distance

  • Enhanced handling stability for safety


Snow performance

  • Improved handling for more safety


Improved durability

  • Reinforced tire casing for reliable service

  • Improved wear performance

Tire Size Rim Diameter Load Speed Index
165/70 R14C 14 89R
185 R14C 14 102S
195/70 R15C 15 104S
215/70 R15C 15 109S
215/65 R15C 15 104T
225/70 R15C 15 112S
185/75 R16C 16 104S
195/75 R16C 16 110R
205/65 R16C 16 107T
215/65 R16C 16 109T
225/75 R16C 16 121R
235/65 R16C 16 115S
235/65 R16C 16 121S
235/60 R17C 17 117R

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