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Comprehensive collaboration with Doshisha University

8 Mar 2024

Toyo Tire Corporation have today signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement to jointly develop multiple technologies as well as human resources. The Doshisha Educational Corporation headed by Asako Ueki, is located in Kyoto City. Takashi Shimizu, President, signed for Toyo Tire Corporation.
(Image: Doshisha University President, Asako Ueki / Toyo Tires President, Takashi Shimizu)

Doshisha University has set the goal of "improving research capabilities through creativity and collaboration". Their program In VISION 2025, actively disseminates information on the academic results of research activities, through technology transfer of intellectual property and the creation of new technologies and new industries. By developing collaborative research that has traditionally focused on "individual" to "individual" and considering "organization-on-organization" collaborative research, They aim to utilise corporate resources as well as informing society through research results.

Toyo Tires has automobile tires and rubber parts at the core of its business management, and is working to solve various social issues in order to advance and develop the automobile industry and realise a more affluent mobility society. In addition to developing high-value-added materials and products, they are pursuing comfort, safety, and reduction of environmental impact during the use stage, as well as building a human resource base to support the creation of economic, social, and environmental value.

Based on this agreement, Doshisha University and Toyo Tires will mutually provide and accommodate their unique high-value-added resources, develop individuals who can contribute to society, and promote the realization of useful technologies. The cooperation will work towards realising a more prosperous society.
Both parties will collectively work on the four main initiatives as the "Doshisha University-Toyo Tires Collaboration Project". During the agreement period, 5 years from April 2024, Toyo Tires plans to contribute approximately 100 million yen to support this project.

Doshisha University- Toyo Tires collaboration project overview

[1] Creation and implementation of new joint research
Doshisha University possesses cutting-edge research resources in a wide range of specialized fields such as chemistry, mechanics, materials, electrical and electronics, and data science. Toyo Tires is developing next-generation technologies such as measurement and visualization technology (friction and wear, vibration and noise, motion performance), next-generation tire technology (airless tires), advanced material development technology (sustainable materials research), and data science (tire sensing solutions).
Doshisha University and Toyo Tires will advance multi-layered joint research on different individual research theme. The research will build a strong relationship leading to mutual development between industry and academia, accelerating the social implementation of technologies that can be applied to tires.

[2] Academic guidance from Doshisha University to Toyo Tires, including technical consultation
In addition, Doshisha University will provide extensive academic resources to Toyo Tires, creating an environment allowing flexible access to fields outside of their expertise. By providing highly specialized and diverse knowledge from Doshisha University in a timely manner in response to academic consultations, Toyo Tires will be able to solve problems in a complex and multifaceted manner, shorten research periods, and realise final technologies.

[3] Education for Doshisha University students and Toyo Tires employees utilizing various systems at Doshisha University
In addition to cultivating specialized knowledge at the graduate school, Doshisha University provides basic and advanced skills with applied ability, including
•    Global Resource Management course, a graduate school common education program to help students acquire basic literacy
•    Comm 5.0-AI/Data, which fosters human resources creat innovation by utilizing AI and data science technology and knowledge.
•    Management of Technology, which aims to develop excellent human resources who will utilize technology in management and promote corporate innovation.
Toyo Tires will receive these learning opportunities from Doshisha University and actively utilise them for recurrent education to develop future human resources. At Doshisha University, graduate students deepen their learning together with business people, and use this experience to formulate career plans for graduate students and develop individuals with a multifaceted perspective. Bringing together the knowledge of both parties, industry-academia collaboration will advance the development of corporate engineers.

[4] Career development support
Toyo Tires will collaborate with the Doshisha University Career Center to provide career support from a business standpoint for students of the university. Career support programs such as internships and seminars, as well as interacting with Toyo Tires employees including alumni, opportunities will be created for students to connect with society and develop their ability to independently choose their future and contribute to the formation of work awareness.

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