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International Federation of Sport Climbing partnership

24 May 2023

Toyo Tire Holdings of Europe GmbH, (President: Kenta Kuribayashi), announces that, it has commenced a partnership agreement with the International Federation of Sport Climbing in Europe. The partnership will see the brand presented at selected European events in the IFSC calendar.

Toyo Tires will participate in the upcoming World Championships in Bern, Switzerland, as well as IFSC World Cup events in Innsbruck, Chamonix and Koper. The partnership will focus on enhancing the venue experience by bringing interactive supporter engagement to the selected IFSC events, in addition to raising awareness of the sport through social media. The Toyo Tire Europe sponsorship will come into effect at the IFSC World Cup Innsbruck from 14-18 June and will continue through to the IFSC World Cup Chamonix from 7-9 July, the IFSC Climbing World Championships from 1-12 August, and the IFSC World Cup Koper from 8-9 September.

IFSC President Marco Scolaris said: “We are excited to bring on new, innovative partners to support our world-class events, and Toyo Tires certainly fits the bill. They are a world leader in their industry, as we aim to be in ours, and this new partnership will bring added value for our stakeholders, especially fans, at our elite events.”

Toyo Tire Holdings of Europe GmbH CEO Kenta Kuribayashi said: ““At Toyo Tires, we are very excited to be partnering and supporting the IFSC and look forward to being part of a young, energetic, and growing sports climbing community. Watching the Sports Climbing athletes push their boundaries of possibilities is truly inspirational and resonates with Toyo Tire’s philosophy to continue advancing creativity and innovation to offer tire products that exceed customer expectations around to world. We hope to support the growth of sports climbing in Europe and around the world.””

TOYO TIRE is one of the world's largest tire manufacturers, founded in 1945 in Osaka, Japan. The product range includes tires for passenger vehicles, light trucks and SUVs. The leading tire and automotive technology company prides itself on bringing ‘new sensations to the world through a challenging spirit and unique, innovative ideas’ and Sport Climbing compliments this brand philosophy.

Discover more about sport climbing at: www.ifsc-climbing.org

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