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Perfect all-rounders: Celsius AS2 and Celsius Cargo!

7 Apr 2021

This summer sees the launch of two brand new all-season tires: Celsius AS2 for small and medium cars and SUVs and Celsius Cargo for vans. The new models have been developed for all weather conditions and provide excellent performance and driving stability all year round.

With new Celsius AS2, safety meets enhanced mobility: the tire's new directional tread pattern optimally evacuates water – for first-class aquaplaning resistance combined with increased grip in wet and snow conditions. The all-season tire features Toyo Tires special dynamic taper design: The tapered edges of the tread blocks increase braking performance on both wet and dry roads by reducing the deformation of the tread to improve contact with the road. For the driver, this means safe handling and optimal performance. The low rolling resistance also ensures low fuel consumption. The size range has been enhanced to provide fitments for the larger diameter wheels and lower profile sizes being fitted as original equipment.  New Celsius AS2 will be available in rim sizes up to 20 inches and section widths to 255 mm.
Celsius Cargo is the ultimate all-rounder for vans: The all-season tire features high traction on snow and optimal braking performance in wet conditions. Its asymmetric tread pattern with three grooves offers all-season performance on the outside of the tire, while the inside of the tire optimises winter performance. Multi-wave sipes minimise irregular wear, improve wet braking performance and enhance snow grip. Special slush grooves and zigzag quick-claw blocks, add grip on snow and slush. Celsius Cargo comes in rim sizes 14 to 17 inches and widths 175 to 235 mm. 
Toyo Tires new all-season tires are the perfect choice for year-round use.



                             Celsius AS2                                                                   Celsius Cargo                                                                           


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