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TC Corse SPK in round 2 of Autobacs JEGT Grand Prix

16 Nov 2023

Toyo Tire Holdings of Europe GmbH, President Kenta Kuribayashi, announces that its sponsored team, TC Corse SPK Racing with Toyo will join the 2nd round of the Autobacs JEGT e-sport championship.

The AUTOBACS JEGT GRAND PRIX 2023 is the largest e-motorsports competition in Japan, using the software "Gran Turismo 7", professional gaming and racing teams compete against each other. "Gran Turismo 7" is the latest part in the "Gran Turismo" series of the hugely popular driving simulator game.

The second race of the championship will be held at a virtual Spa Francorchamps, the epic Belgian F1 circuit. Wet conditions will be prevalent for the race with competitors having to deal with difficult rainy conditions and adapt their race plans accordingly. Qualifying for Super Lap*1 will be conducted by Soki Nabeya, and Race 1*2 will be conducted by Osamu Fukaya.

Race 2*3, will see the return of Toyo Tires employee, Takuma Miyazono at the controls. Takuma san started in P5 in the first round and showed great pace and racecraft finishing P2.

Taking place on Saturday, November 18, the second round can be watched live on the tournaments official YouTube channel: youtube.com/@jegtgpofficial3702/

For more details please visit the Autobacs JEGT website at: jegt.jp

The final race will be held live at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2024 in January when the Autobacs JEGT 2023 champion will be crowned.

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