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Toyo Tires supports Japan Freeride Open 2024

7 Feb 2024

Toyo Tires sponsors the extreme ski and snowboard competition Japan Freeride Open 2024.

Toyo Tire Holdings of Europe GmbH announces that Toyo Tires will be sponsoring the freeride ski and snowboard competition, Japan Freeride Open 2024. The competition will be held between Saturday 10 and Monday 12 February of this year.

Taking palce at either the Hakuba Cortina Ski Resort or the Hakuba Norikura Onsen Ski Resort, in Nagano prefecture, the course will be decidiced at the very last moment to ensure that competitors are presented with the most challenging course in the best condition.


Freeride skiing and snowboarding competitions are winter extreme sports in which athletes choose therir own route between the starting point at the top of the mountain and the finishing point at the foot. Athletes have to demonstrate individuality, with competition criteria such as the beauty of their line, speed, and technique all considered in their final score.


Our company's brand statement is “Open Roads Await“. This expresses our group's frontier spirit of boldly running on untrodden terrain and creating new paths on our own. Athletes taking on the challenge of majestic snowy mountains and freely carving out their own gliding lines reflects our company's attitude, promting the company to join the Freeride World Tour, an international competition for the sport, and the top competition in Japan.


Japan Freeride Open 2024 will be a gathering of a wide range of generations, from top riders to junior and senior competitors. Events will be held in which the athletes who skied the best will be chosen by audience voting.


Through our support for sports and athletes, we will continue to support everyone who pursues their own path and takes on challenges.

Our japanese parent introduced a special website "First Descent -Winter Challengers-" introduces winter sports, including the Freeride World Tour.
 https://www.toyotires.co.jp/first-descent/ (Japanese only)

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