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Toyo Tires wins Grand prize

17 Jan 2024

Toyo Tire Holdings of Europe announces that Toyo Tires won the Grand Prize in the uprated SUV category for the Subaru Legacy Boost Gear Package exhibited on the Toyo Tires booth at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2024.












The Tokyo International Custom Car Contest features approximately 900 vehicles exhibited at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2024. Vehicles are divided into eight categories, and attendees as well as online visitors vote to select two winners and one grand prize winner in each category. This time, the vehicle that won the grand prize in the uprated SUV category was equipped with Open Country A/T Ⅲ

The winning vehicle was a Subaru Outback legacy with Boost Gear Package. This car was customised with the theme of an “Overlander” vehicle, encouraging its driver to go further and experience more. The Open Country ATIII tires, with their extended mobility and all season capabilities, match the essence of the car’s design concept and offers real world effectiveness which canbe fully exploited by the driver.

On our Tokyo Auto salon 2024 special website, there is introducion to the exhibition vehicles dispalyed. A video report has also been released (in Japanese), take a look at. https://www.toyotires.jp/TAS2024/

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